DragonForce Malaysia has defaced many official websites of India

DragonForce Malaysia has defaced many official websites of India

In retaliation against the blasphemous remarks made by two high-ranking Indian officials, a hacker group named DragonForce Malaysia has announced that it has successfully defaced and damaged the many official websites including Delhi University, South Devgara City Government Corporation, Official Site of Indian Embassy in Israel & cia.gov.in and cfa.gov.in, and many more.  As per recent updates from their twitter, they have now started ransomware attacks against their targets.

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) spokesperson Nupur Sharma’s remarks insulting the Prophet Muhammad sparked a global storm, and Muslim countries around the world, including Malaysia, made diplomatic protests against India.

It also forced India’s Modi government to start damage control, trying to downplay the incident and immediately suspended both Spokesperson. The controversial leaf sparked protests by Muslims around the world, including deadly riots in India.

What Is DragonForce ?

The hacking group calling themselves DragonForce has launched a Series Of Cyber Attacks Campaign called OpsPatuk, or “Strike Back” against the Indian government. They are also seeking support from Muslim hackers, human rights organizations and activists (including ethnic) around the world.

Hacking group DragonForce Malaysia has defaced many official websites of India
Hacking group DragonForce Malaysia has defaced many official websites of India

The hacker group announced on Twitter that another Indian government agency and an Indian university were attacked and compromised by DragonForce Malaysia.

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A screenshot Of Their Twitter tweets shows a call to unite to launch the countermeasure against India’s Government

Campaigns of patriotic and religious belief, such as OpStruk, may run into sensitive government websites that hold personally identifiable information, military operations, and other government secrets, raising the threat of targeted attacks on at-risk citizens and the country’s legal authorities.

What Experts Says On these Attacks ?

Bengaluru-based cybersecurity company CloudSEK discovered a Tweet posted by the Malaysian and Muslim hacktivist group DragonForce on June 10 calling for attacks on Indian government websites.

The primary goal of the attack was to retaliate against the Indian government for the controversial remarks of Nupur Sharma on Prophet Muhammad. The hackers shared Indian social media credentials, including Facebook and bank account usernames and passwords, to support their counterparts in launching series of cyberattacks against India.

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