Indian energy company Tata power confirms news of cyberattack

Indian energy company Tata power confirms news of cyberattack.

One of the giant power producing company Tata power has confirmed to be hit by a cyberattack which has impacted few of its IT operations however the company also confirmed that its critical systems have remain unimpacted. Tata Power Company Limited is an Indian electric utility company and its key business is to generate, transmit and distribute electricity.

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As per last year’s financial report, the company generated a revenue of 5.3 billion dollars. Tata power runs major power plants in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Jharkhand, and many other locations across India. The company also has extended operations in South Africa, Indonesia, Singapore and Bhutan.

Indian energy company Tata power confirms news of cyberattack
Indian energy company Tata power confirms news of cyberattack

The company has not disclosed the type of attack whether it was malware or ransomware attack and which hacking group is behind this attack. Only adding that the Tata power will disclose further information later however as per the sources it is believed to be compromised by HIVE ransomware group which is popular for targeting energy providers, healthcare providers, charities, and retailers across the globe.

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Hive ransomware has been active since June last year continuously seeking opportunity in the Indian cyber space. It has enough potential to target both wintel and non-wintel systems which makes it more powerful ransomware.

Hive ransomware
Hive ransomware

Hive stops services and processes associated with security solutions to evade detection. It uses command line utility to customize the encryption. e.g.; certain file encryption based on size, extension, etc. It also uses double extortion technique like other prominent malware families.

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Cert-IN(Computer Emergency Response Team – India) has been continuously alerting Indian energy sectors against this ransomware considering its impact and extortion technique however the attacks have been continuously increasing.

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