Twitter source code leaked online on Github

Twitter source code leaked online on Github

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Twitter source code leaked online on Github

Twitter has been in the news since the time it was bought by billionaire Elon Musk. With an increased layoffs and rumors surrounding the subscription fee for the blue tick, Twitter is again making headlines but now for a different reason.

In a legal filing on Friday, the Elon Musk-led business claimed that certain significant portions of the computer code that powers Twitter were exposed online. According to the New York Times, the leak was discovered after the social media giant filed a lawsuit to have the legal material removed from GitHub, an online software development platform. Though it’s unknown how long the law was available, GitHub agreed to delete the content when Twitter issued a brand violation notification.

Twitter source code leaked online on Github
Twitter source code leaked online on Github

According to The Times, it appears to have been public for a number of months. Twitter is conducting an internal investigation.  The company is concerned that the law contains security flaws that would offer hackers the ability to steal stoner data or take down the point.

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According to the document, Twitter also asked a civil court to order GitHub to name everyone who engaged in the law as well as anybody else who downloaded it. According to briefed report on the disquisition, the internal investigation into the leak revealed that whoever wrote the law had previously left the company because the directors in charge of the disquisition hadn’t been made aware of it until recently.

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According to an email seen by the Times, Twitter’s court brief purportedly stated that the leaker’s name appeared on GitHub as “FreeSpeechEnthusiast.”


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