All you need to know about malware family

All you need to know about malware family

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All you need to know about malware family

Malware is short term of “Malicious Software”. Malware is created only for the purpose to harm the devices of the user or encrypting the data of the device or deleting sensitive data, hijacking computing function etc. It usually spreads through e-mails, phishing links, file sharing, hidden in Ads and various websites which the user browses over internet.

Malware infects the user’s system through some vulnerable port or outdated services such as browser, ftp, smb etc.

Types of Malware

  • Virus
  • ​Worms
  • ​Trojan Horse
  • ​Ransomware
  • ​Spyware


This Malware is harmful for user files and system as it has the ability to replicate itself and infects user’s systems without his knowledge. Further it can corrupt or delet files and other important document such as text file, images, pdf documents etc.

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It is similar to virus as it functions in the same way as the virus works. It can also infect other systems in the network while remaining active in the infected system. Also, it affects the speed of system/server by consuming additional RAM and hard disk.

All you need to know about malware family
All you need to know about malware family

Trojan Horse

This malware basically creates backdoor in the affected systems and provide access of the systems to the adversary who can further perform malicious activities on the controlled systems.


Its a type of malicious software also called “Criminal Business Model” which blocks or encrypt system/server and demand ransom in order to release/decrypt the files of the systems/server. In most of cases ransom payments are done through bitcoin or other cryptocurrency in order to hide the identity of group or individual involved in such malicious activity.

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It spies on the target system and secretly captures/monitor all the activities on the affected systems such as key stroke, banking credentials and other confidential information.

How to defend against malware

In order to protect system/server against Malware one needs to have a holistic malware protection strategy, combination of antivirus, anti-spyware and vulnerability protection features along with URL filtering and application identification capabilities on the firewall.

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