Microsoft to use ‘weather’ events to name cyberattacks

Microsoft to use 'weather' events to name cyberattacks

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Microsoft to use ‘weather’ events to name cyberattacks

Microsoft recently announced plans to modify its standard cyberattack naming taxonomy, which has previously required using animal names to identify distinct threats. Instead, the internet titan intends to leverage weather occurrences, beginning with the next wave of cyberattacks.

The new naming approach, dubbed the “Microsoft Threat Intelligence Centre Weather Report,” aims to provide more clarity and detail to organizations attacked by cyberattacks. Microsoft hopes that by utilising weather-related terminology, users would be able to better grasp the severity and impact of the risks they face, as well as rapidly identify and respond to them.

According to a recent Microsoft blog post, the company’s new naming scheme would utilise terminology like “cyclone,” “tornado,” and “blizzard” to denote different types of attacks. These meteorological events will be utilised to define the features of the attacks, such as the amount of sophistication, payload type, and attack scope.

Microsoft’s new strategy to labelling assaults is in response to the growing complexity of cyber threats and the need for better communication about them. Weather occurrences are a natural metaphor because they are a language that most people understand.

However, some experts are concerned that the new naming approach is very basic and could lead to confusion. For example, the phrase “cyclone” can refer to both a large-scale, multi-organizational strike and a smaller, more targeted attack.

Microsoft to use 'weather' events to name cyberattacks
Microsoft to use ‘weather’ events to name cyberattacks

Others have also pointed out that this new naming strategy may not be as helpful as Microsoft intends in assisting people in understanding the nature of cyber risks. While weather-related phrases can help describe the intensity of an assault, they may not be as successful at conveying the technical specifics required for effective reaction and mitigation.

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Despite these reservations, Microsoft’s new name taxonomy represents an important step forward in the fight against cybercrime. Microsoft is assisting organizations in better protecting themselves against cyber risks and responding more efficiently when they arise by giving a more natural and user-friendly approach to characterise them. As cyber threats evolve and become more complex, the sector must continue to innovate and adapt to meet these challenges.


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