New malware being sold on Telegram to target Mac users

New malware being sold on Telegram to target Mac users

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New malware being sold on Telegram to target Mac users

According to recent reports, hackers are using Telegram to sell new malware meant to target macOS users. This is a troubling development because macOS has long been seen as a highly safe operating system when compared to other popular platforms such as Windows and Android.

“XLoader,” the malware in question, looks to be a new variation of the well-known Windows-based spyware “FormBook.” The underground hacking forums and Telegram channels are advertising XLoader, with hackers offering it for sale to other crooks.

As per security experts, XLoader is a Trojan that can steal sensitive information from macOS users, such as login credentials, credit card information, and other personal information. The malware can also download and execute additional payloads, which could be used to launch subsequent assaults on the victim’s PC.

One of the most worrying elements of XLoader is the manner in which it is distributed. Unlike most malware, which is distributed via phishing emails or dangerous websites, XLoader is sold directly to hackers on Telegram. This means that fraudsters who purchase XLoader can quickly target macOS users without having to create their own malware.

New malware being sold on Telegram to target Mac users
New malware being sold on Telegram to target Mac users

To make matters worse, XLoader is now available as a “malware-as-a-service” (MaaS) tool, which implies that hackers can pay a charge to utilise the malware without having to buy it altogether. This lowers the entry barrier for fraudsters who may lack the technical expertise required to construct their own virus.

It’s unclear how many macOS users have been affected by XLoader thus yet. However, given the popularity of macOS and the ease of distribution provided by Telegram, we can expect to see more attacks utilizing this malware in the future.

The easiest approach for macOS users to defend themselves from XLoader and other malware is to remain attentive and adhere to fundamental cybersecurity best practices. Using strong, unique passwords for all accounts, avoiding suspicious links and downloads, and keeping software up to date with the latest security patches are all part of this.

The appearance of XLoader highlights the ongoing threat that cybercriminals pose to macOS users. It serves as a warning that even seemingly safe systems can be attacked, and that all users must take proactive measures to protect themselves from online risks.

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