North Carolina man lands in jail for hacking snapchat of a soldier

North Carolina man lands in jail for hacking snapchat of a soldier

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North Carolina man lands in jail for hacking snapchat of a soldier

Federal prosecutors allege that a North Carolina man broke into a Fort Bragg soldier’s Snapchat account, sold her naked photos online, and tricked her friends into paying him money.

In October, 30-year-old Patrick Marquez Black entered a guilty plea to two counts of computer fraud and abuse and one count of wire fraud. The man from High Point, North Carolina, was given a 13-month jail term and three years of supervised release by a federal judge this week.

According to prosecutors, a man from North Carolina allegedly hacked a soldier’s Snapchat account, grabbed her naughty pictures and videos, and then sold them online. Also charged with soliciting funds from the woman’s acquaintances under the guise of an emergency was Patrick Marquez Black, 30.

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Black entered a guilty plea to one count of wire fraud and two counts of computer fraud and abuse. A judge gave him a 13-month prison term. According to court documents, Black utilized the compromised account to access other Snapchat accounts and take nude pictures and videos from different victims.

North Carolina man lands in jail for hacking snapchat of a soldier
North Carolina man lands in jail for hacking snapchat of a soldier

“We are targeting hackers and cybercriminals who invade privacy for profits,” said U.S. Attorney Michael Easley. “The defendant invaded the privacy of an on-duty soldier by hacking her Snapchat account, using it to steal from her friends, and selling her images for monetary benefit.”

To prevent the internet from turning becoming the wild, wild west, “our cyber-prosecutors are cooperating with law enforcement,” Easley added.

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Black was charged with breaking into the soldier’s Snapchat account in June 2019, changing the password, and locking her out. She was a member of the American Army stationed at Fort Bragg.

On Snapchat, Black posed as the soldier and requested donations from her pals to cover a fictitious expense, according to the prosecution. According to court documents, he also removed explicit photos and videos from the account and shared and sold them online.

According to the indictment, prosecutors claim Black used the woman’s account to access further Snapchat accounts and obtained nude recordings and pictures of additional victims. Attorneys claimed that this continued for three years.

Coworkers, friends, and family members saw films and nude pictures of the victim as a result of this defendant’s acts. Those who believed they had lent her money and she hadn’t returned the favour threatened her, according to the prosecution.

As per federal court filings, the woman paid more than $300 to “repay” pals who had transferred money to Black. Prosecutors said Black stole more than $1,500 in the plan, and he was forced to give it back.


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