Pakistani Power Firms urged to establish Cyber Security guidelines

Pakistani Power Firms urged to establish Cyber Security guidelines

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Pakistani Power Firms urged to establish Cyber Security guidelines

Tauseef H. Farooqi, the chairman of the Pakistan National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA), has emphasized the necessity for all power-sector enterprises to adhere to cyber security guidelines while highlighting the severity of the problem.

He emphasized that the rules will make Pakistan’s power providers more resistant to cyberattacks, minimize downtime, and avoid losses.

He was addressing attendees at the inaugural Operational Technology (OT) Cyber Security Conference (OTCSEC), which took place on Thursday and was organized by ACET Solutions, a top supplier of automation and cyber security solutions for critical infrastructure firms.

Experts from the largest cyber security technology vendors in the world, including Fortinet, spoke at the event, which was opened by President Arif Alvi. They emphasized the need for Pakistan to secure its OT/Industrial Control Systems (ICS), which are in charge of managing the physical equipment in electricity grids, water plants, oil and gas plants, mining, manufacturing, transportation, and other crucial infrastructure or industries.

Pakistani Power Firms urged to establish Cyber Security guidelines
Pakistani Power Firms urged to establish Cyber Security guidelines

President Alvi emphasized the value of cyber security as a national priority for the survival of the country in his virtual keynote address. For the sake of preserving civilization, he emphasized the necessity to invest in young people and skills.

The ongoing conflict in Ukraine and the disruption of the US East Coast’s gasoline supply by hostile devices served to highlight the significance of the OT/ICS Cyber Security Conference.

The conference was aimed at owners and operators of critical infrastructure, and it brought together business clients, subject matter experts, and policymakers to talk about and solve the problems associated with OT/ICS.

The goal was to give stakeholders a forum to exchange information about best practices knowledge, and other factors that could help to make critical infrastructure more secure.

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That served as a wake-up call for the nation to take immediate action to secure OT/ICS, according to the president and other speakers.

The Middle East BDM for Fortinet, Fahad Faisal, offered support for Pakistan’s improvement in cyber security resilience while emphasizing the contribution of the private sector to OT/ICS cyber security.

He urged the creation of public-private alliances to promote innovation. As the biggest provider of OT security services in the area, ACET Solutions CEO Mubarik Mustafa reaffirmed the company’s commitment to assisting Pakistan in its efforts to safeguard vital infrastructure.


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