Internet of things (IoT) – The New Buzz around internet

Internet of things (IoT) - The New Buzz around internet

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Internet of things (IoT) – The New Buzz around the internet

The new buzzword doing the rounds is IoT (Internet of Things). We witness this concept in our daily lives be it traveling, shopping, or household things. IoT concept involves a massive network of things and people connecting any device to the internet or to any other connected devices. It can be any natural or man-made object that has an Internet Protocol (IP) address and can transfer data over a network. IoT allows electronic devices to communicate with each other via the internet without any human interaction.

How does IoT work

Any device or object which is connected to the internet and has a built-in sensor with the IP address gathers data from its surroundings and then sends it for analysis. The collected data is either sent to the cloud or can be analyzed locally as well. In some cases, the round-trip time for sending the data to a remote data centre, processing it, and then transmitting it back might take too long, and hence in such cases with the help of edge computing technology, the process of data collection and analysis can be done in close proximity. Data analysis can be carried out either by humans or artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) in near real-time or over a longer period based on the type of IoT technology being used.

Internet of things (IoT) - The New Buzz around internet
Internet of things (IoT) – The New Buzz around internet

Some IoT platforms are equipped to filter the collected data and ignore unwanted information. This filtered information can be used to detect patterns, make recommendations, and detect possible problems before they occur.

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Uses of IoT

Today IoT has become an integral technical part of everyday life and as its importance is being explored, Companies will soon realize the potential of the connected devices as it automates processes, improves customer service, reduces labor costs, etc. Some of its applications are:

Smart Building IoT devices gather useful data regarding air conditioning, security alarms, and light which can be used for reducing energy consumption, security monitoring, space utilization, reducing maintenance costs, etc.

Connected Cars There are many ways in which cars can be connected to the internet like the infotainment system, automatic emergency braking, blind spot monitoring, smart dashcams, etc. This help to collect data from the odometer, fuel tank, breaks, and speedometer to track the car’s performance.

Agriculture With the use of IoT devices, we can collect data regarding rainfall, humidity, soil, pest, and wind speed. These data can be further analyzed and used for exploring better farming techniques, improving the quality of the produce, minimizing waste, etc.

Manufacturing IoT technology enables companies to automate their processes, reduce labor costs, cut down on waste, etc. It helps to keep track of the demand-supply cycle thereby improving service delivery and customer satisfaction.

Disadvantages of IoT

As the number of connected devices increases, so does the amount of data. Managing the large amount of data from millions of connected devices becomes challenging for companies. Many IoT devices still do not have reliable firewalls and other security features, which leaves this data very vulnerable to malware.

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There are some IoT devices that have access to your financial information which can be a worrisome problem if proper protocols are not set in place to safeguard the information exchange between the IoT devices.

Another concern is that most IoT devices are not password protected. Even those with password protection, are not stringent in enforcement on the user side which makes them vulnerable to hackers. If there is a bug in the system, it is likely that every connected device will become corrupted.

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Despite the security threats and other problems surrounding the IoT system, companies are realizing the potential of the IoT and we can see them utilizing this technology to reap its benefits.

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