What to prefer for organization security – EDR or XDR

What to prefer for organization security - EDR or XDR

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What to prefer for organization security – EDR or XDR

Endpoint security is a major concern for the organizations working in critical sectors such as health sectors, powerplant, hospitality, transportation sector. There have been many solutions introduced to strengthen endpoint security such as proxy, antivirus, EDR (Extended Detection and Response) as well as XDR (Extended Detection and Response). EDR and XDR are preferred in providing endpoint security for the organization because of its versatile nature.

EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) is a real time behavior based continuous monitoring tool which identifies the existing threats in the environment and responds to them. It secures the network by containing the threat and stops it from spreading further. EDR security offers organizations with a center for collecting, organizing, and analyzing data from the endpoints connected to it.

What to prefer for organization security - EDR or XDR
What to prefer for organization security – EDR or XDR

EDR analyses the threats and informs the internal team about which device has been attacked. It also enables the team to take remote of the infected system and isolate the system.

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Whereas XDR(Extended Detection and Response) is a combination of tools and data offering extended visibility, analysis, and response across networks and clouds along with apps and endpoints. XDR is a refined and advanced version of EDR (Endpoint detection and response) tool.

The basic functions which EDR offers are listed below
  • Monitor the devices and collect data from endpoints that could pose a threat
  • Analyze the data to understand the threat pattern
  • Automatically respond to the incidents and notify the security team.
  • Forensic analysis to investigate suspicious activity.

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Whereas key functions of XDR are as follows
  • It is able to gather and identify deviant and potentially malicious activity on devices such as servers, cloud, networks.
  • XDR is cloud-delivered technology that incorporates multipoint solutions and sophisticated analytics to correlate alerts from multiple sources into incidents from individual lower signals to create more accurate detections.
  • XDR is a more developed, holistic, cross-platform method to endpoint detection and response.
  • The objective of XDR is to provide exact, context-rich alerts to security teams.

Top 5 EDR tools

  • CrowdStrike
  • VMware Carbon Black EDR
  • Malwarebytes
  • Sophos Intercept X Advanced
  • McAfee EDR

Top 5 XDR tools

  • Trend Micro XDR
  • Cortex XDR
  • FireEye
  • Rapid7


Overall, both the solutions intend to provide endpoint detection and response however XDR provides in depth visibility of the servers, cloud and other critical aspects of the network.

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