Whoosh confirms data breach of 7.2 million customers

Whoosh confirms data breach of 7.2 million customers

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Whoosh confirms data breach of 7.2 million customers

Whoosh, a scooter rental company has confirmed a data breach of approx. 7.2 million customers when the hacker group started selling the data on various forums. Earlier, the Russian media had released the company’s statement wherein Whoosh had confirmed the cyber-attack however it had also stated that its team of IT experts had managed to prevent the data breach.

Whoosh, a Russian urban mobility service company is running its operations in more than 40 European cities. Its goal is to reduce pollution and provide a cleaner planet for future generations. This rental service aims to ensure that people can easily reach their destinations in less time.

The data that is currently being put on sale contains information such as payment card data, user identification, and promotion codes to get free services. In the latest statement released by the company, Whoosh admitted the data breach and is currently looking into this matter with the help of law enforcement agencies to prevent data distribution.

Whoosh confirms data breach of 7.2 million customers
Whoosh confirms data breach of 7.2 million customers

Whoosh Spokesperson had added, “The leak did not affect sensitive user data, such as account access, transaction information, or travel details”. However, the picture tells a different story as the posted data includes the details of about 7.2 million customers such as names, email addresses, and phone numbers. The hacker group also claims to have 3,00,000 promo codes that can be used to avail of free scooter services.

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The hacker group is selling the data to only five users for $4,200 each or .21490980 bitcoins. As per reports, no one has purchased the data yet. In another post, the hacker group claims that the data was stolen in November 2022.

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With emerging cyber-attacks and data breaches, companies need to be vigilant and implement strict policies to prevent such attacks. Cyber-attacks expose the company’s customer details and tarnish its image.


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