First-Ever SecOps AI Launched by Cyber Security Firm in Australia

First-Ever SecOps AI Launched by Cyber Security Firm in Australia

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First-Ever SecOps AI Launched by Cyber Security Firm in Australia

The SecOps platform from ThreatDefence has already been set up in several countries and is used to serve hundreds of customers internationally. The SecOps provider ThreatDefence is situated in Sydney, Australia. The company’s goal is to provide every organization full access to its security information, to make security detection and response accessible to everybody, and to shorten the time it takes to install security operations capabilities from months to just a few minutes.

ThreatDefence has taken part in numerous initiatives to enhance cyber skills both in Australia and abroad. The business has been collaborating with a number of Australian colleges to train students in real-world cybersecurity. By placing students in the roles of security analysts, using real-world data, and simulating real cybersecurity assaults that have been seen in the past, its SecOps platform is being utilised to build a virtual SOC environment.

First-Ever SecOps AI Launched by Cyber Security Firm in Australia
Threat Defence Cloud SIEM-XDR Platform(Image source: Threatdefence)

Introduced by ThreatDefence with pride is Avesa, the SOC analyst AI model (pronounced as ai-vesa). Avesa’s natural language AI model was developed to help SOC analysts quickly investigate anomalies found by their security tools. For addressing warnings, incidents, and investigations, it offers insights and detailed instructions.

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Avesa has been developed to significantly cut down on the amount of time analysts spend conducting cybersecurity investigations. It can assist analysts in conducting investigations and evaluations by conversing with them in normal language and directing them as they go along. Analysts may concentrate on what matters most by having the ability to automatically close notifications.

Avesa has been given access to information about hundreds of actual cyberattacks that ThreatDefence’s field team has seen. Avesa is always learning from the actions of analysts and actual data from its installations.

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A ThreatDefence official stated, “Our objective is to continue developing our SecOps AI to become a fully functioning SOC team member, taking over the majority of Level 1 analyst actions, and working hand in hand with Level 2 and Level 3 analysts.”

ThreatDefence has garnered numerous accolades both domestically and internationally, and was a nominee for the CRN Impact Awards in the area of Emerging Innovator in 2021.


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