Russian hacktivists steal data after hacking STALKER 2 creator

Russian hacktivists steal data after hacking STALKER 2 creator

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Russian hacktivists steal data after hacking STALKER 2 creator

The highly anticipated video game “STALKER 2: Heart of Chornobyl” was created by GSC Game World. GSC Game World announced that their systems had been compromised, allowing threat actors to grab game assets during the attack.

The publisher of Stalker 2, which is slated to be released later this year, claims that a “community from a Russian social network” was behind the hack and is extorting money from the business.

“Recently, one of our staff member’s accounts on a group work-with-images application was compromised. A community from a Russian social network took credit for it, according to a statement on social media.

“They have threatened to intimidate and extort people using the data they have gathered. This is not the first time our data, including personal information, has been hacked and leaked. For more than a year, we have been subjected to ongoing cyberattacks” message from GSC Game World Team.

This, according to GSC Game World, is just one of numerous hacks, cyber-aggressions, and extortion attempts that have been made against the company in the last year in an effort to obstruct game production and damage its reputation.

Russian hacktivists steal data after hacking STALKER 2 creator
Russian hacktivists steal data after hacking STALKER 2 creator

The corporation notes that these measures are fruitless because, as a result of the country’s ongoing war, its personnel frequently encounter considerably more terrifying circumstances.

The organisation encourages the public not to view or share any data leaks that may surface online and asserts that the information the Russian hackers took largely relates to dated and work-in-progress materials that are not indicative of the quality of the finished product.

For the best experience, the corporation advises customers to be patient and hold off until the official release.

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The hackers claimed to have stolen a “huge quantity of STALKER 2 content,” including the complete plot, cutscene descriptions, concept art, world maps, and more, in a message posted on the Russian social media site.

A few of those have already been made public as examples to back up the claims of data breaches, but the most have been kept secret to extort the game publisher.

The hackers have made the following demands to GSC Game World:

  • Rethink how they feel about Russian and Belarusian athletes.
  • The ‘NF Star’ user’s suspension from the game’s official Discord channel has been lifted.
  • If not by the game’s release, at least as an add-on, introduce Russian localization.

The hacker’s letter to the corporation states, “We do not want the game to be cancelled or delayed, especially in light of some of Atomic Heart’s success, which is not respected in our organisation. Don’t let politics ruin people’s pleasure of the game, the hackers urge.

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The hackers have given a deadline up to March 15 to modify its policy regarding gamers from Russia and Belarus. They threaten to expose tens of gigabytes of data that was taken from the company’s servers if they don’t make changes in its policy.


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