Website Genesis Market that leaked passwords was shut down

Website Genesis Market that leaked passwords was shut down

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Website Genesis Market that leaked passwords was shut down

More than a hundred people have been arrested as part of an international operation to shut down a criminal internet marketplace selling stolen personal information.

Genesis Market was shut down on April 4th as a result of coordinated operations conducted by the FBI and Dutch police and involving law enforcement organizations from 17 nations, including the UK’s National Crime Agency. (NCA).

The marketplace is one of the largest in the world, with 80 million sets of information for sale, affecting two million people

Account information from online banking, Facebook, Amazon, PayPal, and Netflix could be purchased alongside so-called digital fingerprints comprising data from victims’ devices, allowing thieves to circumvent online security checks.

The costs ranged from 70 cents US (56p) to several hundred dollars, depending on the information provided. The most expensive would provide the victims access to their online financial information.

Website Genesis Market that leaked passwords was shut down
Website Genesis Market that leaked passwords was shut down

Genesis Market would provide buyers with a bespoke browser that looked just like the victim’s, allowing them to make purchases from the correct location without appearing suspicious.

You can use the certified Check Your Hack website to determine whether your data has been stolen and accessed by criminals on Genesis Market.

You can input your email address on the website run by the Dutch National Police (Politie), who worked on the investigation, to learn if your data has been hacked and on which platform.

24 people were detained in the UK, including two men who were detained in Grimsby on suspicion of breaking the Computer Misuse Act and committing fraud.

“Behind every cybercriminal or fraudster is the technical infrastructure that allows them the tools to conduct their attacks and the means to gain money from their offending,” claims Rob Jones, director general of the NCA. The removal of Genesis Market, one of the most significant venues on the black market, will be disastrous to criminals everywhere, according to the report.

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“The NCA is attacking criminal infrastructure from all angles,” the Director General continued, “and those seeking to use such services should be aware that we are coming after them.”

The NCA has devised five measures to protect devices and online accounts, which include instructions on how to verify if you’ve been hacked, how to ensure the latest security updates are loaded, and how to choose a strong password.

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Anyone who suspects they may have been a victim of a scam is asked to report it to Action Fraud using their online site, or by calling 101 if they live in Scotland.


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